Advertisements broadcast on Uaead

Advertisements broadcast on

local or national advertiser, you want spread your advertising on Uaead ? It's entirely possible!

We imagined a solution diffusion intelligent advertising in order to satisfy the greatest number of advertisers, regardless of their scale and resources. We can offer you as well a varied range of advertising inserts different sizes, planned to be displayed different places of the site.

Whatever type of insert selected, Display your ad will be so Intelligent and targeted (taking into account the category, region and current county) and that visibility will be guaranteed !

thank you for Contact us in any commercial application or for more information.

Why diffuse advertisements on our site ?

Uaead choosing to publish your advertising insert, Here are the benefits that are available to you:

- An intelligent and targeted display: your ad will be displayed depending on the selection / search the Internet (taking account of the category, region and department currents).

- A guarantee visibility:if the user selection matches your ad, we ensure the display of the last on the current page.

- A link to your website or the page of it that interests you.

- Thanks to our many daily visitors and dissemination targeted and guarantee your ad will greatly increasing your visibility and mechanically the potential increase in sales and your Sales Turnover.

- Attractive rates: we have devised advertising rates accessible to all, ie not prohibitive, in order to satisfy any and every advertiser budgets.

Where advertisements are displayed ?

Depending on the type of ad insert you have chosen, it appears that :

- in detail ad,

- within the ad list,

- in the right column of the same list,

- on the home page, etc

What sizes and dimensions to meet?

The size and dimensions of an advertisement dependent on the type of insert and therefore the place where it is expected to be posted on the website (page ad in Inside the list, etc.). We will give you all features and information necessary.

How to perform an advertising insert?

For us to show your ad, you must realize inset correspondent then transmit (by email).
You have 2 options:

- is a image file (.jpg, .png, .gif)

- is a code html/javascript

In both cases, the dimensions must be observed.

We can also insert this for you

You are not a PRO in graphic design, you do not have the tools or you simply do not have time to make your insert?
No problem, we take care of everything! We simply make the request. We will contact you then cost of this service, knowing that our prices are very attractive.

How to diffuse its advertising on Uaead?

local or national advertiser, if you are interested in Show your ad on Uaead, Thank you Contact us for us to make the request. We get back to you quickly to answer all your questions and develop the whole best strategy for you.